My Story of Heart, Hustle, & Humility

"In life, you never lose. You either win or learn."

"Carlo is my son. I have so many “proud mom” stories to tell. I remember when he was about 10, he mowed lawns to raise money for a family in need during the holidays. He carefully selected and bought gifts and a Christmas tree for them, even delivering them in the pouring rain. Their surprise and gratitude said it all. Carlo's kindness, hard work, intelligence, and respect shine through in everything he does."

- Lisa Fowler-Andreu, My Mother

Hard-Work Runs in the Family:

With every swing of his hammer and each sheer of her scissors, Carlo's parents passed on a legacy of resilience and perseverance.

Throughout middle and high school, Carlo always worked while studying. 

From his first job at age 13 in the East Village Green Deli to the Sagamore Yacht Club during his senior year, Carlo knew he had to build his skills before he could make a splash.

Despite Their Struggles, They Were Committed to Education:

At 17, Carlo moved across the country to attend the University of Tampa, where he found a fiery spark of passion in his pursuit to uplift families like his own and began studying Political Science and Economics. 

Choosing Tampa as a means to be closer to his abuela and sister Lexa, Carlo reconnected with his latin heritage and became fluent in Spanish. 

This inspired his leap across the pond to study at the Universitat Autonoma de Barcelona, leaning into his knack for cross-cultural communication and love for Spanish literature.

"From the very beginning, it became clear to me that Carl has a remarkable work ethic and a great desire to learn and improve, and over the course of our semester together, his writing improved to the point where he turned in some of the best essays in the class. Carl was a natural leader of peer discussions. When it was his turn to listen to the group’s thoughts and suggestions for his work, he did so with an open but discerning attitude. I admire his constant curiosity, his ability to listen closely, and his desire to learn."

- Dr. Yuly Restrepo, Professor of Writing and English Literature @ Univ. of Tampa

Outside of Class, He Prioritized Internships & Work-Study:

Carlo loved learning and excelled in his classes. But, he knew that good grades wouldn't be enough to standout amongst the crowd. 

He quickly sought out a work-study to support him as he kept up in his academics. This is where he became the Student Coordinator of Assessment and Sanction Tracking at the Office of Student Conduct.

Listening to direct feedback from his peers, he worked hand-in-hand with the Director to identify the key changes needed to revitalize the Student Code of Conduct with new bylaws that had an emphasis on ethics and empathy. 

This is how he landed his first internship with Senator Todd Kaminsky of the 9th District in the New York State Senate and co-wrote the plastic bag legislation that went into effect in 2020.

Building His Skills While Solving Problems:

And after understanding the political systems that both constrained and enabled us, Carlo leveraged his experience to solve a problem that hit a bit closer to home.

You see, his father wasn't a citizen and didn't have the funds or know-how to get it done.

That's when Carlo took it upon his self to seek out an internship that could feed two birds with one scone. Landing an internship with an immigration attorney, Carlo paid his father the ultimate tribute to his sacrifice and self-submitted his citizenship application, pro-bono!

His successes and faculty-recommendations led him to be 1 out of 200 students selected for the Hillsborough County Supervisor of Election's Internship program.

"Professionally and personally, Carlo has always been a voice of logic and reason. Throughout his professional career, Carlo exemplifies an ideal leader, coworker, &, teammate. He cares about every project and person he encounters. I've had the privilege of watching Carlo excel in every field he's put into. Obstacles aren't in his vocabulary! From undergrad, pursuing political science and economics to graduating and navigating the technology industry; Carlo excels in whatever he puts his mind to. Personally, Carlo has been extremely helpful in giving insightful feedback and tangible goals for my business. Carlo never ceases to amaze me."

- Kawehi Perry-Ah Hoy, Friend & Founder @ Lei by Wehi

From BizOps to Sustainability, Carlo Made an Impact at DTCC:

Carlo quickly became proficient in his day-to-day work and made his first splash by being promoted to Senior Analyst just 1.5 years in to his tenure at DTCC.

Outside his primary duties, Carlo got involved. 

Working with the Pride Alliance to partner with EqualityFlorida, he helped raise over $30,000 for the state-wide equality organization.

But, that wasn't all!

He wanted to find a way to fuse his policy passion into his new gig, so he co-created the Sustainability Action Group to advance company "Net-Zero" initiatives.

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"Carl communicated effectively, mitigated risk well and contributed significantly, covering many responsibilities within the team’s workload, managing his time and priorities extremely well through his multitasking abilities. When he is given a task, he assumes full responsibility of it and reviews processes looking to suggest possible improvements where efficiencies may be made. Carl can work comfortably in both an in-office and remote work from home environment, adding a very welcomed and warm personality to any team dynamic or culture."

- Carl Anderson, Global BizOps Manager @ DTCC

At This Point, Carlo Knew He was Capable of Learning Anything:

That's when his experience in business systems, financial data, and process improvement opened an opportunity in the technology industry that he didn't see coming.

But, he was up for the challenge. 

That's when he joined Informatica as a Cloud Data Management Consultant and jumped head first into Software & Information Technology fusing his knack for systems-thinking & business acumen with a newfound love for data.

Within 3 Months, He Tackled his First Enterprise Client Engagement:

Carlo joined Informatica at pivotal time in the companies trajectory. 

Moving from on-premise legacy data management products, Informatica was shifting toward cloud-native SaaS solutions for their enterprise clients.

Carlo became the first in Professional Services to be fully certified in Master Data Management SaaS, Cloud Data Quality, & Cloud Data Integration. 

He led the first successful implementation of these new cloud products and quickly became known for his subject matter expertise. 

As you know, this wasn't enough for Carlo. 

He followed his playbook and set out to make an impact in Informatica's Pride Alliance and was given the Co-Lead position to help support the growing DEI initiatives.

"Carl’s ability to handle complex customer requirements was outstanding. He successfully led over five full-cycle technology implementations, showcasing his proficiency in mastering, and modernizing data management solutions. As one of the first to become certified in our cloud product suite, he has been instrumental in enhancing service delivery to our enterprise SaaS customers. Beyond his technical expertise, Carl’s leadership within our Pride Alliance employee resource group and his involvement in various internal initiatives have been vital in promoting a positive and inclusive company culture."

- Oleg Shvets, Associate Director, Professional Services @ Informatica

All The While, A New Project Was Brewing:

His sister Lexa was a classroom teacher, when COVID uprooted her career. 

She quickly set up shop and started a private-teaching business for homeschool students but was having trouble managing the business behind her new teaching initiative: "The Lit Advocate."

That's when she approached her business and software-savvy brother for some help.

From microschools, to homeschoolers & alternative educators, Carlo realized the magnitude of the seed she was planting and came aboard to consult on systems, strategy, and product management.

Carlo worked on narrative storytelling to build a niche audience of education entrepreneurs who operated outside of the traditional classroom. Always listening, then leading: he spoke to users to identify the behavioral patterns that would inform product strategy.

That's how edTonomy was born:

Autonomous educators guide their own teaching with informed instructional decisions that maximize learning outcomes and transform their careers.

"Carlo brings a fine eye for detail, astute analysis, and head-on problem solving skills to his projects. As my partner for a long term project in edtech, Carlo has been absolutely essential in driving project goals, developing marketing and sales funnels, and building our web presence with tailored websites and landing pages to drive traffic and conversions. Without his hand in this project, the ideas would have only remained ideas, but Carlo knows how to take an idea and give it wings - he has been the key to creating something out of nothing. Without a second-thought, I recommend Carlo to anyone seeking technical consulting services - he is a sure asset to any team. "

- Lexa Duno, Co-Founder @ edTonomy

Outside of The Professional = FlightsFamily + Food:

As if 3 sisters aren't enough, Carlo loves to spend time with his two nieces.

As the Godfather to Annalucia Emilia & Uncle to Camila Celine, he takes pride in being a role model to the newest additions to the family.

In his free time, he mostly enjoys practicing his self-taught cooking methods and challenges himself with a range of cuisines and new tricks to impress his guests.

He considers himself a stoic and finds Meditations' teachings to be at the center of his self-improvement.

Carlo has visited over 20 countries, citing his trip Cuba in 2017 as an experience of a lifetime.

"In a work context there are three qualities that I look for and use the acronym BPI (Brains, Passion, Integrity). Carlo demonstrates these innate attributes – he is thoughtful and intuitive in how he approaches situations; he is personally invested and demonstrates both care for the project at hand and compassion for teammates, and he can be trusted both inside and outside the business to do the right thing. I am also a firm believer in the notion that good employees have an entrepreneurial bent to them. This means that they are eager to take on initiatives that don’t necessarily have a blueprint for success. It also means that they can pivot, without ego, if the chosen path is indeed the wrong one."

- Terry Dohrmann, Chief Revenue Officer @Shibumi

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